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Raschel Construction Net Machine

Raschel construction net machine

Model SG260-H-600-A2-  series, it was Single needle bed Raschel knitting machine which design for making the Round yarn (mono yarn) in all different kind of raw material, for example Nylon, PE, PP etc. The control panel of this series adopts inverters to control speed which let machine operate conveniently and adjust easily.

Raschel Knitting  machine  Features:

1. Round yarn products, for example: hand bags, fruit mesh bags, safety nets for construction, shade nets, anti hail net etc.

Raschal Construction Net Machine
Raschal Construction Net Machine

The production of this shade net making machine is for agricultural use, such as shade net, green house net, anti-birds & inserts net, wind protection netting, building safety nets, scaffold net, mosquito nets, industrial cloth, packing nets. Get more products details of this machine : Single Needle Bar Warp Knitting Machine
Knitting machine Features:
1. Flat yarn products, for example: shade nets, onion bags (sewing again), hail net, pallet/pasture net etc.

Remarks: 1. Special specifications are also available.
2. Manufacturer reserve the right to change the specifications without notice.

Raschel construction net machine
construction safety net

Raschel construction net machine, Raschel construction net machine, Raschel construction net machine

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